Dutch man arrested for wife, son’s deaths on Belgian bungalow park

The police arrested a 57-year-old man in Maastricht on Wednesday after he showed up at a police station and said he had stabbed his wife and son. The Belgian police then found the bodies of a 55-year-old woman and a 23-year-old man in the family’s bungalow in Rekem near Lanaken, just across the border. The family has Dutch nationality, the Belgian prosecutor said on Wednesday afternoon, AD reports

The suspect and two victims were staying in their bungalow at the Sonnevijver bungalow park. According to the prosecutor, a number of dangerous dogs were found in the bungalow. They were taken to a shelter. The police were conducting a forensic investigation in the home.

A neighbor told Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws that the family was form Maastricht and were staying at the park temporarily. She last spoke to them on Tuesday evening. “They were very friendly people, whom I liked to chat with,” she said. “The wooden walls of the chalets are quite thin. I’ve heard them arguing fiercely recently.”

Another resident of the bungalow park told the newspaper that the news was quite a shock. “We have known Ruud [the father] and Pascalle [the mother] for a long time. I often saw mother and son walking the dogs and we would have a chat. I saw the two of them walking yesterday with a garbage bag full of empty bottles. The son still kindly said hello.” According to her, the family also has a daughter who doesn’t live with them. “She will need to hear that news now. Really awful.”