Man roasted for how he removes avocado pit as some brand it a ‘war crime’

A man horrified people online after he shared the unconventional way he cuts an avocado.

TikTok user @bradcanning explained how easy it is to grow an avocado at home in a clip that has been viewed 8.3 million times.

But it’s not Brad’s simple-to-follow method that’s got people talking, it’s the way he “massacred the avocado.”

To remove the pit from the middle of the fruit, he places it horizontally on a chopping board and cuts it straight through the centre using a sharp knife.

Then, he twists the avocado and uses a fork to scoop out the pit, before washing off the residue.

Once he’s taken the skin off of the pit, he wraps it in a damp tissue then puts it into a ziplock bag.

After seven to 14 days of being stored in a dark, dry place – he uses his pantry – Brad claims you should be able to see a root growing.

He said: “If there is a root, grab your vessel and fill it with water, put your pip on the water and it’s done.”

Since being posted, the video has received more than 1.3 million likes and 9,800 comments from viewers who were left horrified by the way he opened the avocado.

One said: “It upsets me that you cut the avo that way.”

Another wrote: “Psycho.”

“1: Cut it the wrong way. 2: Used a fork to dig out the pit. 3: Said pip. This is literally a war crime,” commented a third.

While a fourth put: “When I tell you I RAN to the comments after seeing him massacre the avocado that way.”

Brad later responded to complaints in another video where he explained why he cut it this way.

He said: “I cut the avocado like this and use a fork for a good reason.

“The reason I used a fork is because I don’t want to ram a knife into the pip and damage it.

“And the reason why I cut the avocado in the middle, I can’t believe I’m explaining this, is because it’s quicker.

“You put the knife and give it a quick spin. Done.”